The Media Niche Saga, Part II

I am happy to report that we have made another major improvement regarding our ill-placed media niche.  I first blogged about our “problem” back in 2009.  We have since gone through some changes, including getting rid of cable, buying an antenna, buying a converter so our Series 2 Tivo could work with digital over the air signals, and replacing our Tivo after it died with a Tivo Premiere, which negated the need for the converter. 


This was our recent setup, which was certainly not ideal.  TV shoved into the corner, ugly antenna hanging over the fireplace, and wire dangling between the tv and Tivo because I was too lazy to fish it through the wall (which I now realize is not even safe, after my dad showed me some internet articles). 

A few weeks ago, my mom mentioned that my dad was thinking of buying a new television and giving their old (very nice) one to us.  Only problem was that there was no way it would fit in our media niche.  They thought maybe we could wall off the media niche and hang the television.  I brought it up to D, thinking there was no way he would go for it.  Surprisingly, he was open to it, so we called a guy that hung our neighbor’s television.  We decided to add a partial fake wall, so that the media niche would be even on top and bottom, and the tv would fit on the wall above the fireplace.   


Here is our “fake” wall mid-construction.  It is about four inches deep.


A hole was made so the wires could go through.


It’s up!  We will have to put up some shelving to fully utilize the space.  I guess that will be part three of this ongoing saga.  Hopefully it will not take us another four years! 

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