The Not-So-Nice Side of Crystal Cove

I guess I am still one week behind in my blogging.  Last Friday’s adventure was to use our last state park pass to go to Crystal Cove.  Although the coastline was lovely as usual, there were tons of washed up rotting seaweed with gross sand flies (and squirrels) everywhere.  We went to the north entrance, so next time we must remember to use the south entrance. 



Shake ‘N Bake!



Afterwards we ate at Twisted Noodles with a BOGO coupon.


Pretty good…I liked all of the veggies in the Drunken Noodle dish.


After dinner we worked on our first puzzle as a family.  It is a 1,000 piece illustration of the California coast with tons of detail.  We’re pretty sure that we are already missing a piece—very frustrating!


D is surprisingly into it.  He said that he used to like doing puzzles but that his sister would always clean up his puzzles before he was able to finish.

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