The Possibilities Are Endless With Strictly Briks! #Tryazon #Strictlybriks

We have a lot of Legos at our house, but our kids usually just stick to the model from the box.  Strictly Briks is a new line of “briks” that are compatible with Legos, but encourages kids to literally “think outside of the box”.


Sometimes creativity requires a little mess!


There is an array of base plates available, which allows for building tall towers.  These girls built a penguin house.


Fun for the whole family!


What makes Strictly Briks unique is that they come in different shapes and materials.  For example, they have Creatorz briks, which can be connected on all sides, rather than just the top and bottom.  They also have Silicone Briks and Straps that are flexible.  As shown in this picture, n made an obstacle course for his Lego minifigures.  There are also clear colored briks which add another creative dimension.  Strictly Briks can be bought on Amazon, and I would definitely recommend them to expand the possibilities for any Lego fan.

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