TK Noodle & Grill

Last weekend we ventured to another new restaurant in Irvine—Thuan Kieu Noodle & Grill.  Apparently the original locations are in Garden Grove and Westminster.  D and I really enjoy Vietnamese food.  Don’t laugh, but one of our go-to restaurants at our old home in Anaheim was called Pho Today.  We were happy to find out that tasty Vietnamese food is now available very close by again.


We ordered two Daily Specials ($6.50), which consists of chicken, rice or noodles, and egg rolls.  It was a good thing we ordered one with rice and one with noodles because I totally forgot that Vietnamese bun (rice noodles) is usually accompanied by peanuts.  I love the crunch and the contrast of the cool noodles/vegetables with the warm chicken and egg rolls.  The kids preferred the rice anyway, so it all worked out.  D and I also shared the rare beef pho.  It was also very good, but not enough noodles for us.  We ended up putting some of the noodles from the chicken dish in the soup.

Welcome to Irvine, TK Noodle! 

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