Turning 37 and Birthday Freebies

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was not an especially eventful day, but that’s ok.  D and I celebrated both of our birthdays last weekend with my parents and sisters, bro-in-law and nephew.  My mom even made a hedgehog cake!  Birthday cake

D and I actually celebrated our birthday all last month by redeeming our various birthday promotional coupons.  I thought I would highlight the deals I have found.

Red Robin: We are both members of the Red Royalty club, which gives you one free hamburger during your birthday month.  The best part is that they allow you to have separate checks at one table, so we can each receive our free hamburger during the same visit.  It is also good for the grilled chicken sandwiches.

Jersey Mike’s: Free regular sandwich and drink.  The catch is that you have to redeem on your exact birthday.  Good deal. 

Starbucks: Register your rewards card, and you get one free drink of your choice.  This is the one time we will order a “Venti” and split it.

Jamba Juice: They have a new club where you enter your phone number at the cash register (register online).  I received a free small smoothie, which I gave to the kids to split.

Which Which: Free regular sandwich.  For some reason, we always end up ordering the chicken cordon bleu, even though there are so many options.

Rubios: Free entrée up to $7.  I paid $1 extra for the Classico Shrimp burrito.  We also used the free kids meal coupons we received through the reading program at the library.  Go on Tuesday night for the $1.50 fish tacos, and you have a deal!

The best part is that the prior four restaurants are all in a row at our local shopping center! 

El Pollo Loco: Free 2 piece chicken meal or chicken salad.  We opted for the 2 piece meal with rice, beans and tortillas. 

Veggie Grill: Free entrée.  I like the Thai Chik’n Salad.  We also had the Kale Caesar.

Jerry’s Dogs: Free Jerry’s Signature Dog.  I like how they have upgraded the buns.

Corner Bakery: Free dessert.  I like the lemonade bundt cake with blueberries.

Capriotti’s: Free brownie.  Not really worth it, but I was right next door anyway.

Baja Fresh: Buy a large drink, get a chicken or carnitas burrito.  We had the chicken, which was a little dry. 

Togo’s: Buy a regular drink, get a 6” sandwich.  I like the turkey avocado sandwich. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes: Free bundtlet. 

Baskin Robbins: Free ice cream cone.  Shared blueberry cheesecake with the kids. 

Del Taco: Free shake—chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. 

Godiva Rewards: $10 certificate, no minimum purchase.  I was able to pick three bars of chocolate for free!

Panera: Free pastry.  We have not redeemed ours yet.

Einstein’s: Free breakfast sandwich with drink purchase.  Have yet to redeem. 

Breugger’s bagels: Free bagel and cream cheese with drink purchase.  Not really worth it, since I see this coupon all of the time in the newspaper. 

Ben and Jerry’s: Free scoop, have yet to redeem. 

Yogurtland: Free 3 oz.  Not too special, since there are coupons that are a better deal. 

I would be interested to hear about any other birthday deals people know of. 

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