UC Berkeley Campus Visit

After visiting D’s parents, we spent a night with D’s brother’s family in Mountain View.   On the way there, we stopped by our alma mater.  Visiting always brings back so many fond memories, especially since that is where our relationship began!  It is fun to note the changes, and to show k and n a glimpse of college life.


We parked by the newly refurbished Memorial Stadium and walked around it.  Looking back, I wonder why I did not go to more football games!  By the way, did anyone else watch the Cal-Texas game last weekend?  It was actually on a non-cable channel, so that was exciting! 


You can peek into the gym. 


I thought it was funny that the list includes “Uncut Hard Fruit/Vegetables”.  The kids were concerned because they had umbrellas on them.  We had to explain that it was only prohibited if you were going to watch a game! 


We walked through Haas Business school and used the restroom.  They probably have some of the better restrooms on campus.  Nice branding on the soap dispensers!


Ah Berkeley, even your trash cans have to make a political statement!


There was still some construction going on the new Student Union.


We saw this hat left by its lonesome.  D said it belonged to Pharell.  n said it belonged to Paddington.


Right on Telegraph and Bancroft, we saw a Chinese bakery called Sheng Kee.  I had not heard of it before, but apparent it is pretty popular in the Bay Area.  It is similar to 85 degrees, but there are some interesting pastries I have not seen before.  The prices are quite reasonable, too.


Too many choices!


The kids shared a custard bun with chocolate.


D and I shared a green tea mochi pastry with almonds.  The different textures were a delight!


We looked around the new Student Store, but ended up buying our souvenirs at Bancroft Clothing. 


I miss that Bay Area fog!


We poked our head into the new dining commons.  It looks like they have a lot more healthy choices!


We were still full from our pastries, so we bought a sandwich to go.  Why do we not have Dutch Crunch bread in Southern California??


We also made a stop at Fat Slice…at least some things stay the same.  I cannot believe that there is now a Daiso on Telegraph!


Until next time…

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