V Day 2014


These are the valentines that k passed out to her classmates.

n’s speech teacher gave him a cute card:


One of k’s friends gave her this card based on “Frozen”*:


*I can’t believe how many girls seem to love this movie.  I was thinking of taking k and n to see it, but now that it is only about a month until it comes out on DVD, it seems more prudent to just wait and buy it since the cost would be the same. 


I didn’t want n to be left out of the Valentine card festivities, so I bought him a pack of Batman cards with erasers to hand out to friends at a Valentine party we went to with my moms’ group.  He wanted to do it all himself, and he did.  He looked so industrious.

These are the sandwiches we brought to the party:



One of D’s co-workers handed out these Valentine packages.  She’s Japanese—can you tell?  Smile


It was nice that Valentine’s day was on a Friday.  It felt more relaxed.  D made dinner—salmon, asparagus and rice.  Soo good!  We decided that this will be our traditional Valentine’s dinner from now on.


Heart brownie ice cream sundaes for dessert:


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