West Yellowstone


The road to West Yellowstone, Montana was quite scenic.


We checked into the One Horse Motel.  It was quite “rustic”, and not inexpensive, but it served our needs fine.  The kids thought it was hilarious that the toilet paper roll was so far away from the toilet.  There were only two double beds, but there was a fridge, microwave, television and wi-fi.  AND, there were no flies!  Yes!


For dinner, we ate at Wild West Pizzeria.  We ordered a side salad, macaroni and cheese and Canadian bacon pizza.  That was probably too much cheese for one meal, but they are known for their mac and cheese, so we had to try it.  The food was quite good, especially after subsisting on sandwiches, cup o’noodles and oatmeal. 


I thought it was interesting that they had this sign in Chinese on the door of the pizzeria.  There were also numerous signs throughout the town that said “No Smoking” in Chinese.  There were quite a few Chinese tour buses in town and in Yellowstone.


West Yellowstone is small, and pedestrian-friendly, so we took a walk after dinner.  It stays light out really late, so it felt perfectly safe. 


D and I had a good laugh about this KFC turned Pho restaurant. 


There was also a park right outside the motel, which the kids enjoyed. 


We also picked up a pint of ice cream, which was labeled as “Huckleberry” flavor.  I had read about the Wilcoxson’s brand beforehand, which is made in Montana.  However, when we tasted it, I thought it tasted an awful like little blueberries.  Sure enough, when we read the ingredients, it only contained blueberries, no huckleberries in sight!  That was a disappointment, although it did not stop us from enjoying the ice cream. 


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