Wolf and Sub-Zero Showroom Demo

Last week D and I enjoyed a date night at the Wolf and Sub-Zero demonstration kitchen in Costa Mesa.  You can sign up online for a lunch or dinner demo, and the best part, it is free!  I was tipped off on this experience by one of k’s friend’s mom. 

Chef Chris was very talented and quite knowledgeable about everything from food (of course) to English to literature to history to science.  D and I sat in the front so we had a nice view of all of the appliances at work. 


We learned about the convection/steam oven, induction stove, French cooktop and griddle.  On to the food…

Fresh Heirloom Tomato Pasta:


This tasted so light and fresh.  D loved the heirloom tomatoes.  The bread was homemade in the steam oven—perfect crust.

Wild King Salmon With Champagne Vinaigrette and Chives with Summer Vegetable Sofrito:


Also quite delicious! 

Dessert was Yellow Peaches in Lavender.  This one didn’t photograph too well (the cream just melted into a puddle due to the hot peaches) but the lavender was an interesting flavor combination.  We also had coffee to go with our dessert.

The showroom itself is also quite impressive. 



This refrigerator was crazy huge!


D liked this one, but I think it would only look nice if you only stored drinks in it! 

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