Yellowfin Fish Grill

Yesterday we tried a new restaurant in Irvine, Yellowfin Fish Grill.  We used a deal on Yelp which was $20 for $10. 


There is a free tortilla chip bar with various salsas/sauces.  The kids were intrigued with the different colored tortilla chips.


One of the plates we split was a fried shrimp and fish plate ($9.99).  The shrimp were excellent—plump and crispy.  However, the batter on the fish didn’t stay on too well and became soggy quickly.  Maybe we should just get the all shrimp plate next time. 


The other plate we split was red snapper with lemon garlic aioli ($9.99).  We also upgraded our side to grilled zucchini in order to meet the $20 threshold.  Unfortunately, while the portion was large, the fish tasted too “fishy”.  I’m not sure if this is a red snapper thing, or it just was not a good piece of fish.  The reviews on Yelp are pretty good, though, so I would recommend trying another type of fish. 

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