Yellowstone: Grant Village


For our last night in Yellowstone, we stayed at the Grant Village campground.  When we checked in, the ranger told us there was a bear in the campground, but thankfully, we never encountered it. 


After setting up camp, we went to the Visitors Center.  We listened to talk about bear safety. 


There was a small audience, so D ended up having to volunteer to play the bear. 



For dinner, we ate at the Lakehouse restaurant.  Let’s just say that the food here is a travesty.


The view was nice, though.


We tried the grill, and ended up with these pale, undercooked fries.  Xanterra, you need to step up your game!


Still unsatisfied, we ended up buying huckleberry yogurt and apple slices at the general store and eating some more of our stash of cup o’noodles.  I was excited to see that there were actual huckleberries listed as one of the ingredients this time! 

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