Yellowstone: Lamar Valley

After lunch we drove towards Lamar Valley, eager to spot some more wildlife.  On our way there, there was a large herd of bison really close to the highway.


The baby bison, (calves?) were so cute!

A few of the bison even started to walk along the road!


At one of the visitor centers we saw a movie about the devastating fire that destroyed much of Yellowstone in the 1980’s.  At the time, much of the public was outraged by the park official’s stance to not actively fight the fire and let nature “run its course”.  While evidence of the fire remains, the new growth is really inspiring!


I had my camera in my hand at all times while D drove because there was so much beauty to attempt to capture!


Continuing our drive, we saw another group of people pulled off to the side of the road.  We were curious to see what they were looking at, and it turned out that the excitement was over a pair of big horned sheep!  Apparently, they are not a common sight, so that was fun, although they were pretty far away.  This is when my 20x zoom came in handy.


We saw a small parking lot along a river so we decided to pull-off.  The kids immediately began to collect rocks.


The kids took the opportunity to throw the rocks since they haven’t quite mastered skipping rocks yet.


God’s creation at that moment, in that space, was truly awe-inspiring.  I was getting a lump in my throat just taking it all in!


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