Yellowstone: Tower Fall and Canyon Village


We did not drive too far out into Lamar Valley because we were all getting tired of sight-seeing.  On the way back we saw another herd of bison.  After this sighting, we did not stop anymore to look at the bison because they were so ubiquitous.  Instead, we were just like, “Oh, it’s just more bison…keep driving”.  Ha!


We did make a stop to see Tower Fall, which you can see after just a short walk from the parking lot.  Nice to see that there is still flowing water in other parts of the country!



More evidence of fires…



Next we went to the Canyon Village Visitor Education Center.



We attended a ranger talk about the “Dogs of Yellowstone”, which includes foxes, coyotes and wolves.


The visitors center had some fun exhibits.


There was also a nice theater where we watched a movie about Yellowstone.

Afterward, we checked into our campsite, which also was in Canyon Village.  We were so glad they have a reservation system!


Talk about a dense forest!


Our campsite was pretty spacious, and conveniently located across the street from the bathroom.


We ate dinner at the Canyon Cafeteria, and it was pretty bad.  I stood in line for a wrap, only to have the employee tell me, “This doesn’t look good, I wouldn’t feel right serving this to you.”  I appreciated her honesty and purchased a turkey sandwich even though I was pretty tired of sandwiches by that point.  We bought one kids meal which came with only two chicken strips and a handful of baby carrots.  I ended up buying a hot dog for them next door.  D  tried a bison sloppy joe, which was ok.  Overall, we were quite disappointed, especially considering that the food was still expensive!


After dinner, we looked for souvenirs, but did not purchase anything.

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