Korean Winter Olympics Viewing Party

D can be kind of obsessive about the Olympics.  He memorizes medal counts and has been vigilantly tracking how many medals Russia has had taken away.  To celebrate the start of each Olympics, we try to have the food of the host country.  For example, see our celebration for London 2012Sochi 2014 was a little more difficult!

Korea was a fun challenge.  We were having our small group over on Friday night, so I made it into a Korean potluck and viewing party.  Two of our friends are Korean American, so we felt the pressure to keep it real–ha!

Our main dish was an attempt at bibimbap.  I just went to Zion Market and bought a bunch of bulgogi meat ($4.99/lb).  I cooked it in a wok and then kept it warm in a crockpot, which worked really well.  I added a little of the juice so it would not dry out.  Other guests brought the various toppings, including carrots, spinach, lettuce, and zucchini.  D fried up some eggs right before for the final touch.  We also topped it off with sesame oil and gochujang.


Yum!  We also had homemade japchae (noodles) and pa jeon (scallion pancakes) from Trader Joe’s.  The pa jeon passed the test of our Korean American friends, in case you were wondering!


We went simple with our viewing setup.  I really like Soohorang, the white tiger mascot this year!

I also set up a seaweed tasting bar with a new snack I found at ShiftCon called Sea Snax.


I like the Onion Chomperz and the Lime flavored Sea Snax!


Getting in the spirit!  Let’s go, U*S*A*!!


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