A Tale of Two Sandwiches

Last week, we scored on free sandwiches. The first was from the grand opening event at The Bronx Sandwich Company, in Tustin. The pastrami sandwiches were really good! I also liked the bread, which is from OC Baking Co., I believe. The regular deli sandwiches were okay, but we’ll be back for the pastrami.
The second free sandwich was from the Corner Bakery. They had sign-ups for their Asian pork sandwich. It was pretty good, if you are not expecting an authentic bank mi. I really liked the flavorful dipping sauce that came with it, since the pork did not have much flavor on its own. The canned jalapeño peppers were not a nice touch–reminded me of nachos at a baseball game. However, the rest of the vegetables were nice and fresh and crunchy. They provided a nice contrast to the soft meat and bread.

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