Build A Bear & Farrells

k’s Daisy troop voted to have their end of the year party at Build a Bear.  This was the first time for k to experience Build a Bear, and she had a lot of fun.  I explained to n beforehand that he would not be participating, and he seemed to take it very well.  (He mainly tagged along for the ice cream at Farrells afterwards). 


Pumping in the stuffing


Giving the bear a bath


All boxed up.  I will share a picture of the bear another time.  It is quite cute, with its own Daisy outfit and shoes.


I’ve heard that the Farrells at Mission Viejo Mall is not as crowded as the one in Brea.


The troop ordered The Zoo, with a sparkler!


I borrowed this picture from someone who was closer to the action.


n realized the benefit of having a sister in Girl Scouts. Smile

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