After picking up k from school on Friday afternoon, I took the kids to another free food adventure.  We stood in line for 50(!) minutes to try Creamistry, a new ice cream place in Irvine.


I’ve heard the lines have been long since its opening—partly due to its popularity, and partly because each flavor is made to order using liquid nitrogen!


I was under the mistaken impression that we would each be able to choose our flavor and topping.  I thought that was why the line moved so slow.  Instead, when we reached the front of the line, there were only a handful of choices of flavors, including hazelnut chocolate, oreo, strawberry, and green apple sorbet, which they were continuously making.  Given the limited flavors, I really do not understand why the wait was so long!  But, given that it was free, I guess I should not complain.


Both kids had oreo and I chose the green apple flavor.  The consistency was nice and smooth and creamy.  It seemed to melt faster, though, and I did detect a few ice crystals.  In any case, my curiosity about the liquid nitrogen concept has been cured. 

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