Date Night in Woodbury/Woodbridge

For our date night last weekend D and I ate at Oceanic Grill in Woodbury.  We had a BOGO coupon (of course!)  The place was pretty empty, which does not bode well for this fairly new establishment.  It appears to be trying to duplicate the success of California Fish Grill.


We chose tilapia and white fish, both of which we enjoyed.  The service was a bit slow (especially considering that we were the only ones there), but the staff person was apologetic and we were not in a hurry!



For after dinner drinks we redeemed our coupons for a free Caramel something or other coffee at Seattle’s Best.  I’m not sure if I’ve been to a Seattle’s Best since going to one in Seattle back in the early 2000’s.  D said Starbucks bought the chain and is now marketing it as the cheaper alternative.  Works for me.


Our third stop was to park in the Woodbridge shopping center and walk over the bridge to walk around Woodbridge Lake.  We’ve passed by the lake by car before, but have never walked around.  It was quite pretty, and nice and peaceful.  We admired all of the homes around the lake—very nice.  We only walked around one part, and it did not take too long.  D estimates it is about a mile according to his internal pedometer.




Nice playground—we’ll have to bring the kids.  D also spotted a koi fish swimming in the lake.  There were plenty of ducks and geese.


Our final stop was to check out the new Korean store at the Woodbridge Shopping plaza: Assi Natural Market.


I am not sure about the correct pronunciation, but it is an unfortunate name for a store in the US, IMO.  Although they aspire to be a Whole Foods for Asian food, sadly, it is not.  Again, I’m not sure how long this business will last, given that there are other better alternatives.  We picked up some bulgogi that D grilled the next day for Mother’s Day.


This miso soup machine caught my eye.  That’s something you do not see everyday. 

So that was our mini tour of Irvine.  I’m always amazed at how big Irvine is (and still growing). 

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