Eating In Solvang


After settling in our hotel room, we decided to hit the streets of Solvang.  Had to stop for a picture by the giant wooden clog, of course.


Our first stop was to try some aebleskivers.  Three for around $3.40—not bad, considering they are such a tourist destination.


Across the street is Ingeborg’s World Famous Danish Chocolates


The selection is overwhelming.  I decided that we should try a Flodeboller.



It ended up being a sticky mess, but the lady who worked their kindly provided damp paper towels for us.


For dinner we ate at California Tacos.  I know, not very Danish.  It is a hole in the wall just outside of the touristy part of Solvang–where the locals go.  Two tacos and a drink for $6—not bad. 


Dessert time (again): Danish waffle from Olsen’s


Cream puff from Olsen’s—more like an éclair, since it has whipped cream, custard and raspberries.


Cream puff from Mortensen’s.  Also more like an éclair, with whipped cream, custard and raspberry!

Between the two cream puffs, I liked the one from Olsen’s because the chocolate was not as heavy, and it was considerably cheaper.  The danish waffle was just ok—will probably skip that one next time.  I found it interesting that all three contained raspberries—I guess that is a Danish thing?

For breakfast we walked across the street to Paula’s Pancake House.


Scrambled eggs with hash browns and Danish sausage and Danish pancakes with cinnamon apples.  What a yummy way to end our trip! 

Also, I should note that I was given a plastic cup with a huge crack (which I did not notice), so water was slowly leaking onto the table.  This was “Spill #4”.  Spill #3, which I did not record before, was attributable to D, when he knocked over a water glass at Vito’s. Smile

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