Fresh Beat Band: Live in Concert

When I found out that I had won tickets to see the Fresh Beat Band, I thought it would be nice for k and n to watch the show so they would be familiar with the music/personalities when they watched them live.  The Nickelodeon show is on Amazon Prime, so they were able to watch a handful of episodes.  I watched a couple with them.  The acting/storyline is incredibly cheesy, but the music can be catchy, and it is “wholesome” entertainment.  There were parts that made the kids giggle so much I could not believe it. 

Thankfully, the show started at a family-friendly time of 7 p.m. and ended around 8:15 p.m. 

The guy waving, I think his name is “Twist”, or maybe it is “Shout” (I always get those two names confused) is different than the first season.  However, I believe the rest of the characters were the same.  They sang some songs that the kids knew, including their favorite, “Loco Legs”.  Our seats were decent, not great.  I was grateful that we were in the shade the whole time, though (pick seats on the right, facing the stage, if you have a choice).  There were a lot of screaming pre-tween girls.

During the previews at the concert, I saw an ad that said our concert tickets entitled us to a free ride on La Grande Wheel, which is the big ferris wheel.  So, after the concert we made a beeline for the ferris wheel, which unfortunately is at the other end of the fair.  (The smart advertising people probably think that by making you walk across the entire fairgrounds, you’re bound to spend more money.  We out-smarted them, however, and just went straight home right after!)  Savings: $24!

View from the top.  The fair looks so different at night.  We were even able to catch some fireworks while we were riding, which was cool.

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