Grand Canyon: Rim Trail and Maswik Pizza Pub


On our way back into the park on Friday morning, we stopped by the entrance picture to take a picture.  There was a actually a place for the camera to take a timer shot, which we did, but I like this pic better.


We also saw this guy, an elk, up close and personal on the way into the park.

We met my parents at Bright Angel Café, close to the Visitor’s Center for breakfast.  In retrospect, we probably should have bought breakfast at the General Store, since the selection was pretty limited.  We also picked up some sandwiches for a picnic lunch. 


The kids were able to become the first junior rangers of the day.  It was nice that we beat the crowds at the Visitors Center.


Most of the rim trail is paved, and at some parts you are quite close to the edge.  It is a very easy trail, perfect for the kids.  It was also an overcast day, so at least we did not hear any complaints about it being too hot.  n refused to wear his sweatshirt, however, which became a different battle.


You cannot really see it in the picture above, but there was a squirrel sitting precariously at the edge of the rock, which was entertaining to all of us tourists. 


It was interesting to see different parts of the Colorado River. 



We took turns walking between points and taking the shuttle.  This was the Powell monument. 


Visiting this part of the rim provided a nice escape from the crowds that we experienced at Mather Point.  We were often the only party at many of the lookouts. 


On the west, the end point of the Rim Trail is Hermits Rest.  There is a gift store and small café. 




We found a picnic bench and ate our sandwiches.  By this time, the wind was kicking up and it was getting cold!  I was afraid it was going to start to rain, but it did not.  We ate quickly and hopped back onto the shuttle.


When we returned to the Marketplace, we did a little souvenir shopping. 


No, this hat did not come home with us. 


Then, we checked into the Yavapai Lodge.  This was definitely a step up from the Red Feather, and the kids were happy to play, watch a little tv and rest.


This was the view from our room.  It felt nice and cozy.


For dinner we met my parents and ate at the pizza pub at Maswick Lodge.  We shared two side salads and a pizza.  I thought the pizza was pretty good—the crust was nice and crisp and not too thick.  I thought this was a good option for eating inside the park. 


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