Holding Onto The Last Few Weeks of Summer

Last week D was in Baja, building houses with our church.  I thought the kids might drive me crazy, but it was not too bad.  Just when I needed a break, the kids’ previously scheduled sleepover at my parents’ house occurred.  I am so, so thankful for having them close by and willing to watch k and n whenever needed!  In addition, k had her first “official” sleepover with her girl scout troop at the Long Beach Aquarium!

I was a bit nervous about how she would do on her own, but she did just fine.  This trip was paid for with part of the money that the troop earned selling cookies.  What a neat experience for the girls.

Since n and I were on our own for the night, I treated him to McDonalds for a happy meal.  That made him happy (and yes, his hands do look freakishly large in this picture).

After D came home from Baja, we went to my parents’ house to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

Since my mom likes root beer, my sister made a root beer cake, made with root beer and root beer extract—yum!

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