Last weekend we went to Dana Point to see its new holiday light show, Illuminocean.
We thought we would have to park at Doheney Beach, but we ended up being able to park for free in the parking lot by Harpoon Henry’s, just off of Golden Lantern. We were greeted by this lit up crustacean, “Sandy Claws”.
The shops have special glasses that they will give out for free (1 per child, 1 per two adults). The glasses make the lights appear somewhat 3D, which is pretty cool. We obtained ours from the coffee/ice cream shop at the bottom of the stairs.
It was a little chilly, but it was nice to walk along the harbor and breathe in the cool night air. Some of the boats were decorated too.
This event was fun and unique. We’ll probably visit again in a few more years, since they are planning to improve it to make it even better.

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