Legoland–Let It Snow!


Yesterday we went to Legoland for the first time. We were able to buy 2 day passes for cheap through D’s co-worker Betsy, who is also a reader of our blog–(thank you!!)

It was quite a day, as we stayed from opening to closing. I knew it would be crowded this week, but I wanted to go during the holiday festivities. One tip I would share is to not go to Legoland until your youngest child is at least 34 inches tall. I think there are only two rides that a sub-34 incher can go on! And, the Legoland employees are trained to be quite strict, so don’t think you’ll be sneaking anyone on. Luckily, n is over 34 inches, so we were able to go on a number of rides as a family.

The park is clearly targeted towards young kids, which eliminated the annoying teenagers you find at other amusement parks. I thought it was nice how they have several family bathrooms throughout the park, as well as low toilets/sinks for the kids.

Cal/Texas fans were out in full effect in anticipation of the Holiday Bowl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Cal gear in Southern California outside of a football stadium. (Side note: too bad we lost, but at least now D isn’t upset with me for not letting him buy tickets to see the game!)

I took a lot of pictures, so this post will be limited to the Christmas/snow theme.


Lego Santa

Lego Santa II


There was a small snow play area where you could throw snow balls at targets and sled down a short hill.

Some parents came prepared with gloves, hats, and snowsuits. I bet they were wondering…what kind of parents would let their kid go in the snow with a t-shirt and shorts?

Oh yes, that would be us. (Not that we didn’t try to get n to put on pants and a sweatshirt. He adamantly refused, and it just wasn’t a battle worth fighting.) During the day, it was actually quite warm, but once the sun went down, it became quite chilly. At night, we physically forced n to wear his pants, which he was NOT happy about. Oh n, we hope this stage passes soon.

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