Long Beach Harbor Tour

Thankfully, the rain started to come down on Halloween night after we were all safe and sound at home.  The next day there was a beautiful rainbow over our community.

We went on a Long Beach Harbor boat tour that morning.  It was free, but you have to be ready to the minute on the day they release tickets, since they go in a few minutes!

We a grabbed a seat inside the cabin right away.  We knew from experiencing the whale-watching tour that it would be freezing on the deck.

We departed from the dock right behind Parker’s Lighthouse restaurant.

We passed the Queen Mary.  Look at those ominous clouds.

You are free to bring food on board.  There were even free drinks!  Coffee for D, hot chocolate for the kids, and Sprite for me.  (I thought I might get seasick, but I did not).

The tour was narrated by a very knowledgeable tour guide.  He started out above board, but ended up inside due to a sudden downpour (along with everyone else on the boat).  At the end, he asked some trivia questions.  D won a Long Beach Harbor beach towel!

It is amazing to think about how much container ships can hold and transport!

This ship launches satellites into space!

Returning to shore.

I would highly recommend this interesting tour.  We went on the last one of the year, but I believe they will start again next year.  Thanks to my sister for letting us know about this unique family outing. 

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