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Last week went by in a blur.  We had a health scare with n.  He started shifting/rolling his eyes to the right.  I took him to multiple doctor appointments and he had an MRI.  I was so thankful that n was able to be awake during the MRI and stay still for about 45 minutes, so he did not have to go under.  He was able to watch “Happy Feet” with special goggles.  Fortunately, everything seems to be “normal”, so we will just have to monitor him.  The problem seems to come and go, and may be a “tic”, which is more common in boys.

Due to my lack of blogging, I have a backlog of posts.  We will start with the story that having an edible garden continues to be an unfulfilled dream of mine.  However, one day we noticed some vines growing over our fence from one of our neighbors.

We were too lazy to cut them right away, and then we noticed fruit growing on the vines.  It turned out to be passion fruit!

There is not much inside, but the aroma of the pulp is quite fragrant.  We like to add it to our juicing creations.

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  1. Oh no! I hope N is ok! Please keep us posted!

    I don't think I have seen a passionfruit, so it's cool to see what they look like in their original form haha. My neighbors have a lemon tree and it makes me happy that the branches go over our fence.

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