OC Fair $2 Taste Reviews

Yesterday we went to the OC Fair, mainly because I won tickets to see the Fresh Beat Band, which included free admission to the OC Fair.  Unfortunately, D was not able to take off of work early, so he met us there (he rode the OC Metrolink Express bus).  We went earlier in the afternoon because we wanted to take advantage of the $2 Taste deals they have at various booths on Fridays from 12-4 p.m.  I really liked this concept because it allowed us to try way more things without spending too much (food is really expensive at the fair!)

We started out with a semi-healthy choice: half a grilled corn on the cob.  n said he didn’t want it, but once he tried it, he liked it!  k has always been a corn on the cob girl.  We ordered it dipped in butter, and we sprayed some lemon juice on it and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese.  I think a full cob is usually $4.75, so the “taste” is not that great of a deal, but it did allow for us to just have a taste, which is the whole point.

We never pass up an opportunity to take a picture with cut-out faces…

…or with walking, bespectacled ice cream cones!

Next we had a “taste” of Tasti Chips, which are fresh fried potato chips.  I thought this was a nice portion size, and definitely worth $2.  We sprinkled some seasoned salt on these chips hot out of the fryer.  The kids were surprised the chips actually tasted like real potato—hah.

Look at k eyeing those Tasti Chips!

The kids filled out forms to show they read two books in order to receive three free ride tickets each.  This is a really good deal, since each ride usually costs between $3-$6 per rider.  We redeemed the first three tickets by riding the sky ride that stretches across the fair high above the treetops.  The kids were pretty scared on this ride (the minimum age is 5, so n just made it).  Savings: $12.

I was so afraid n’s flip flops would fall off!

These stilt-walker guys were kind of scary.

Next up—two deep fried Oreos from Chicken Charlie’s.  These were surprisingly good.  The Oreo gets soft and cakey and the batter tastes like a donut.  I thought $2 was a fair price for these and two between the three of us was enough to satisfy my curiosity.

We also had a taste of two drinks: mini lemonade slushie and mini orange julius.  The orange julius is the better choice.  It was a little larger than the tiny lemonade slushie, and had more of an icy consistency.  The lemonade slushie turned into lemonade after about 1.5 minutes.  The guy ahead of me ordered two tastes of orange julius, but for that price you should probably just order a regular size for about 75 cents more!

By this time, we were trying to beat the clock as it was nearing 4 p.m.  I wanted to eat something more substantial so we would have to eat less for dinner.  We went with 1/2 of a “mile-long” hot dog.  The picture showed a hot dog extending far beyond the bun, but our half was just as long as the bun.  The half ended up being the size of a regular hot dog, if not a little smaller, since it was skinny.  However, this was a decent deal, since the full size was something like $6.50!  The bun was also a step us from cheap hot dog buns from the grocery store.  The kids surprised me by letting me add some finely chopped onion at the condiment stand. 

Our final taste of the night was six piping hot mini cinnamon sugar donuts.  I also thought this was a nice deal, since I would not have wanted to order a baker’s dozen (which is a reasonable $5).

Next, we visited the animals.

It was pretty warm, but there was a breeze.

After D came, he bought a slice of pizza and we caught some of the Chinese acrobat act.

Then we used our other ride tickets on the dragon ride (think Teacups).  Savings: $9.

Despite our snacking we still needed something for dinner.  Looking for some non-fried food, we opted for this teriyaki chicken bowl for $8.  Too bad there was not a chicken-veggie option.  It was passable, (Flame Broiler is way better), but it was a good amount and enough to satiate our appetites before the concert. 

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