Our Foray Into Letterboxing

D has an earlier release time on Fridays for the summer, so we’ve been trying to take advantage of it with some mini adventures.  Last week we attempted to go letterboxing.

Our first step was to fuel up at Jamba Juice.


We followed the clues to the “Northpark” letterbox since it was close and did not seem too difficult.  We were able to follow all of the clues, down to finding the duck couple that lives in the canal.


I think we did find the spot where the letterbox was originally hidden–“the tree with 3 trunks”–but it was not there.  That was not surprising, since it was first hidden in 2008.  However, I think that k enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.  n, on the other hand, was tired out by the end of our walk.


Guess we’ll have to try another one.

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