Ready in 60 Seconds: Barilla Ready Pasta #ReadyPasta #Tryazon

When making pasta, the part that takes the longest is boiling the water.  Enter: Barilla Ready Pasta.  Cut open the packet and microwave for sixty seconds.  Voila–your pasta is ready!  The pasta comes fully cooked.



The pasta comes in several varieties.  We tried the gemelli shape.  For the sampling party, I added olive oil and parmesan cheese.  The color of the pasta was a little darker than what we are used to, but the texture was nice and al dente.  I also really like the ingredient list: Water, Pasta [(Semolina Wheat), Durum Wheat Flour], Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt.  No preservatives!


The parents commented that the Barilla Ready Pasta would be a nice quick and easy meal or snack option that the kids could do by themselves.  You really cannot get any easier!

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