Sterling Vineyards

After golfing we drove north on Highway 29 to Sterling Vineyards.  I thought this would be a fun winery to visit for the kids since it has a gondola ride.  D was also excited to add it to his list of “1,000 places to see before he dies”.

Fittingly, they had this chalkboard sign at the entrance.  D wrote “I want to run a sub-4 hour marathon” even though he has already done that.  When we returned someone had written “+1” next to it.  D also wanted to write “I want to visit Sterling Vineyards”-haha- but we had to go.  n wrote “Lim. WOW”…not sure what that means.

Yes, we have a ham on our hands.

The gondola takes you up the mountain and offers a beautiful view.

Lots of lilly pads.

We made it to the top.

There is a nice self-guided tour which includes tasting stops.

n making a face after smelling Grandpa’s wine.

What was described as “fruit popsicles for children” actually ended up being Otter Pops for $1 each.  The kids didn’t seem to mind.

On the way down, k and n rode with Grandpa and Grandma.

Although D did not drink much in total, he ended up not feeling well in the afternoon and got sick.  (I’m allergic to alcohol so I did not partake).  This was the first time D has had such an adverse reaction.  We deduced that it must have been because he did not have much food in his stomach at the time.  Nevertheless, this was one of the more impressive wineries that we have visited and I would recommend it for families with kids. 

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