The Angels Game Where We Had The Best Seats!

Yesterday D texted me and said he was offered four tickets for the Angels game that night from someone at work. Hmm…it was a school night, but n’s soccer practice had been cancelled earlier that morning.  It seemed like a sign!  We had not seen a game all season, so I guess we lucked out.  In all the excitement I forgot to bring my regular camera, so iphone photos had to do.

The moon was so clear.  Too bad we were not able to see the blood moon eclipse from the night before.  (We looked outside on Sunday, but it was kind of cloudy). 

We were only eleven rows back.  We have never had seats like this—amazing! 

We planned to stay for six innings, but only stayed for five innings, which was just under two hours.  It was a close game.  The Angels ended up winning over the Oakland A’s by one run in the ninth inning.  There is no way we could have lasted that long, so I do not feel bad for leaving early!  I love how we can watch our Anaheim Angels play (I refuse to call them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) and be home in less than fifteen minutes.

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