The Big Island: Day 4

Happy 2014, everyone!  I love the feeling of starting out a brand new year. 

But, back to the Big Island.  On Sunday of our trip, D’s parents booked a “day room” at the Hilton Waikaloa so that the four of could have wristbands to have access to the waterslides/pools/lagoon.  We pretty much spent the whole day there, much to the kids’ delight.


There are multiple pools and water slides.  Surprisingly, they gave n the wristband that shows that he is at least 42 inches, which meant that he could ride the longer slides.  The best slide was pretty long, and not too steep.  The best part was that D could catch them at the end (there was only a lifeguard at the top).


The grounds of this hotel are quite spectacular and there were tons of kids with families.



These were the nicest pools we’ve ever been in—so enormous, clean and sparkling.  Although they were not heated, it was warm enough outside so they were still comfortable. 



Lunch Break at the Lagoon Grill, which is super-convenient when you need to eat lunch in your swimsuit!


After lunch, we snorkeled here in the lagoon.  This was the perfect place for the kids to try out snorkeling for the first time (aside from the pool).  D took k, n and me individually to see the fish, sea turtles, and even an eel!  I was surprised that n was able to do it, but once he sees k do something, he is a very determined kid!


This is the life!


Later in the afternoon, D, k, n and D’s dad checked in for their reserved time at Dolphin Quest.  They did the Wee Tots program, which was the only program that n was old enough for.


The kids were somewhat apprehensive at first, but they ended up having a lot of fun.  It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for them.




Unfortunately, I was unable to stand close enough to get a good picture.  D’s parents bought one of the professional pictures, so maybe I will take a picture of their picture. 


Good-bye Waikaloa Hilton, it was fun!

For dinner, we ate at Merriman’s Mediterranean Café, in the Kings’ Shops. 




Mahi Mahi sandwich :: Kids’ spaghetti (meatball was way too spicy for kids) :: Cheese/tomato pizza

Everything tastes so fresh here—really good local ingredients. 

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