The Melt

Friday afternoon I took the kids to the Grand Opening for a new grilled cheese restaurant at the Spectrum called The Melt.  They were offering a free sandwich and side, and you know that I cannot pass up a chance for free food. 


The signage reminded me of The Veggie Grill, which is right across the way.  We had to wait in line for around 30 minutes.  The process was very streamlined: they let in 12 people at a time, and there was a set sandwich and side (no choice was given) which I guess changed throughout the day.


During our wait, they handed out free mini samples of their vanilla shake.  I liked the vanilla bean specks, but it tasted a little thin.


As a surprise, they also gave everyone a free drink from the soda fountain.  The sodas had sugar (as opposed to high fructose corn syrup), and I allowed the kids to have one (this is quite rare, so they were quite excited).  I did not allow them to drink the whole thing, however!


You can see the food being prepared.


Our sandwich turned out to be the “Mac Daddy” and the side was a Caesar salad/chips.


Yes, it was carb central.  No, it would not have been my first choice.  Of course, the kids loved it.  n even ate the same amount of sandwich as k and me!   (We saved one meal for D at home).


Aren’t those grilled cheese croutons so cute?

All told, our order of three sandwiches, sides, and drinks would have cost $33! 

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