Watching the ‘Eaters

Last Saturday we went to a UCI women’s basketball game against Cal Poly SLO.  The Girl Scouts were giving away free tickets, so I thought going might inspire k’s basketball game.  Unfortunately, UCI lost (we don’t seem to have luck with cheering the home team).  By the way, I can’t believe the Cal team we watched lose to UCLA won a game against the number one team in the nation less than a week later!


We came in right during the National Anthem, but we were still able to sit in the second row (I guess that is why they were giving away tickets!)  We even made it onto the jumbo tron, which was quite exciting, as I always thought that would be fun.


They had some fun giveaways during the game, including t-shirts, whole pizzas and In-N-Out cards that floated from the ceiling in mini hot air balloons.  However, we were only able to snag some mini Nestle Crunch bars, which the kids were quite pleased with:


Afterwards, we celebrated Chinese New Year by eating orange chicken and chow fun.  Smile


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